About Dani Sarfati (Site Developer)

Interests: EBM and Synthpop music, Computers (Particularily servers and some development), Video Games, Star Wars
Favourite Link: http://www.myspace.com/danisar

I am a die hard Funker Vogt fan. I first started listening to them in 1998 and have not turned off Funker Vogt once! In 1999 I started up the original website (which had the URL http://listen.to/funker_vogt and was hosted on Geocities- originally created for a high school project) and it went so well, that I ended up buying this domain a few months later! The site has undergone many changes since the original inception, and it has also went through a huge downtime when it wasn`t being updated, but now the site is back up and better than before!

I have completely re-written the website using .NET 2.0 and MSSQL 2005 Express back end, all with my own code.

As you can tell, I am heavily into computers, currently I am working at a national construction company currently in Winnipeg, Canada as their server analyst. I love playing with servers and this website is actually running at home on my DSL connection...

I am also heavily involved with the Canadian IT Pro Community with frequent guest blogger posts and showing up to events in Winnipeg and Toronto.